PTSD UK: Our Vision, Mission and Values

PTSD UK: Our Vision, Mission and Values

The PTSD UK vision, mission and values underpin our day-to-day work and our long-term goals.

Our vision

Our vision is to transform the lives of people affected by PTSD, supporting them to take control of their diagnosis, access stigma-free support and resources, and work towards successful, sustained treatment and recovery.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide supportive, reliable, high-quality and easy-to-understand resources to educate, help empower and inspire resilience in everyone affected by PTSD, to help them work towards successful, sustained recovery. We campaign to raise awareness of the condition, reach out to high-risk communities, help shape UK healthcare policies, and give everyone the belief that ‘Tomorrow CAN be a new day’.

You can find out more about what we do to achieve our mission here.

Our Values

We believe that how we approach our work is as important as the work itself. Our key values shape everything we do:

  • We’re optimistic. Life can be pretty tough with PTSD, but treatment is possible, so Tomorrow CAN be a New Day. We provide hope, celebrate progress along the way, and never stop looking for meaningful ways to make things better for those with PTSD and their friends and family.
  • We’re committed. We are determined, relentless and passionate in our mission to raise awareness and provide support & resources for everyone affected by PTSD – no matter the trauma that caused it. Despite our small team, our commitment and experience mean we make the most of our limited resources to deliver the best possible support for people affected by PTSD. 
  • We understand. People who are, or have been, affected by PTSD are at the heart of everything we do – we’ve all got personal experiences of PTSD, either directly ourselves, or through a friend or loved one. This includes our Trustees and our workforce, and means we can bring empathy, compassion and kindness to all we do ensuring people with PTSD feel respected and empowered to live the life they want to live.
  • We’re trustworthy and authentic. We demonstrate honesty, transparency and integrity in our work by doing the right thing at all times, using sound ethical values in all we do.
  • We collaborate We will strengthen and maximise our impact by collaborating and partnering with organisations, experts and groups who share our vision.
  • We’re creative We bring an open-minded attitude and flexibility to our thinking and actions which means we are always innovating, and finding new and better tools, services and approaches to support the people who need us.
  • We’re inclusive. We want EVERYONE to have access to the resources that can help them on the path to recovery –  supporting them through the difficult times, the good times and everything in-between.

We are only able to achieve our mission because of the generosity of our amazing supporters – thank you. Find out more about how to support us, do some fundraising, or donate please check out the other pages on our website here


Are you looking to fundraise for PTSD UK?

THANK YOU!!  We are a small charity so our main goals at the moment are to increase awareness that we exist (so people can get the support and information they need) and to maximise fundraising to allow us to achieve our mission of supporting everyone in the UK affected by PTSD, no matter the trauma that caused it.