PTSD UK Ink and Insight toolkit

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The Ink and Insight Project is a warm and simple invitation to explore expressive and creative outlets such as writing & journaling, Zentangle meditation, and colouring. These activities serve as profound means to navigate the complexities of trauma, providing a cathartic release, offering mindfulness, and promoting emotional processing alongside some scientifically proven benefits to easing PTSD and C-PTSD symptoms.

What sets this project apart is that we’ve curated a tangible toolkit, a user-friendly ‘starter pack’ designed to invite and empower you to engage in these activities. We’ve eliminated barriers, kicked procrastination to the curb, and provided you with three beautifully designed handy guides, all in a physical package. While creativity starts in the mind, having something tangible in your hands can make all the difference.

The Ink and Insight Project toolkit includes all the essential items you need to kickstart your journey:

  1. PTSD UK Premium Pen: Your reliable companion for writing, journaling, and expressing your thoughts.
  2. Notebook (with Lined and Blank pages): Tailored for your Morning Pages, these notebooks provide a space for free-flowing thoughts and creative expression.
  3. Notepad for Zentangles: A dedicated space for Zentangle meditation, offering a canvas for calming, repetitive patterns.
  4. Colouring Book: Structured and simple to begin, the PTSD UK colouring book is designed for self-expression, allowing you to choose colours, blend shades, and fill intricate designs in a silent but powerful way.
  5. Habit Tracker for Morning Pages: Facilitating the development of a daily practice, this tracker is your companion on the journey to consistency.

This will all be sent out in a box which can then be gifted.


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