PTSD UK Fold Out Communication Card (PTSD & C-PTSD)


After several requests from our supporters, we created these ‘urgent medical notice’ PTSD and C-PTSD fold-out cards to quickly and easily get useful help or support. If you’re having flashbacks, feel panicky or any other symptom, it can help other people to better understand what is wrong.

Some people with PTSD or C-PTSD may choose to wear their card on a lanyard when out and about to indicate that they might need support, help or a little more time (please note, you’d need a plastic wallet to hold them, but these are available in many stationery shops etc).

Some people may choose to have it in their pocket, wallet or phone case so they can hand it to someone if they need help but can’t talk or articulate what they need (particularly useful if you’re having a flashback, freeze trauma response, or panic attack for example).

These writable cards have lots of space to write any information you need: emergency contact numbers, your name, what things you prefer to help support you, doctors details etc.

Product details

  • Made from 340gsm cardboard
  • 85x55mm
  • Writable
  • Select from PTSD or C-PTSD message on the front of the card

Please note these cards are being sold for an optional donation – but as ever 100% of the profits from all items in our Supporters Store go towards our mission of supporting everyone affected by PTSD, no matter the trauma that caused it, so we’d be very grateful for your donation if you can afford it.

In the interests of fairness, orders made with no donation will be limited to 5 per person.


As a sturdier alternative, PVC Plastic cards can be found here for PTSD and C-PTSD.