PTSD UK – C-PTSD Communication Badges


After several requests from our supporters, we’ve created these communication badges – they can help you avoid stressful or triggering situations, and get the help and understanding you may need if you’re not comfortable to (or can’t) talk about your condition or symptoms. If you’re having flashbacks, feel panicky or any other symptom, it can help other people understand what is wrong, and how to help.
They are safety pin style badges (see photos) so can be pinned to almost anything including jackets, bags, lanyard ribbons, bag straps etc.
These badges features the PTSD UK blue sky with text which reads:
  • I have C-PTSD – Please don’t startle me
  • I have C-PTSD – I may be fearful of people around me
  • I have C-PTSD – Please don’t touch me
  • I have C-PTSD – Please reassure me I’m safe
  • I have C-PTSD – I might zone-out
N.B Badge pins are not recommended for children
Simple ‘I HAVE C-PTSD’ badges are also available here.
We also have communication cards in PVC and fold-out cards available.