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Love Harlso and PTSD UK - our new dog accessory collection

Uniting Compassion and Canine Comfort: We’re proud to introduce Love Harlso and PTSD UK’s Collaborative Collection of dog accessories to support owners and raise awareness.

In a heartwarming collaboration that marries fashion and purpose, renowned dog accessories brand Love Harlso has joined hands with the PTSD UK to unveil an amazing collection of dog accessories which includes a lead and bandana. This fusion of purpose and style aims to provide not only delightful accessories for our four-legged friends but also a source of solace and awareness for people affected by PTSD or C-PTSD. 

A Perfect Partnership: Joining Forces for a Worthy Cause

The story began with an idea from PTSD UK, as we recognise the immense support that dogs (and pets in general) provide to individuals dealing with PTSD or C-PTSD. Knowing Love Harlso’s reputation for crafting exceptional dog accessories, it was only natural we approached them.

With a heartwarming enthusiasm, the Love Harlso team embraced our idea. Understanding the deep connection between dogs and their owners, they designed a range of options that could not only raise awareness, but also provide meaningful assistance to those affected by PTSD or C-PTSD. The team said, “Love Harlso are delighted to be collaborating with PTSD UK to highlight the positive effects companion animals have on our mental and physical well-being! When designing these products we have tried to strike the right balance between having a fun and stylish product whilst incorporating the important message of PTSD awareness. We hope this years PTSD UK Wagathon is a huge success for all those involved and we’re looking forward to taking part and hopefully seeing some photos of your dogs in our products on social media!”

An Inclusive Choice: Designing with the Community

True to the spirit of collaboration, PTSD UK involved its loyal supporters in the creative process. Three unique designs were crafted by the designer at Love Harlso, each resonating with the essence of comfort, understanding, and shared with the hope that our supporters felt the collaboration could provide the comfort and assistance they needed. Through an engaging selection process, the “PTSD Awareness” design emerged as the resounding favourite, embodying the very heart of what we do.

From Concept to Reality: Bringing Awareness Home

With the chosen design at the forefront, Love Harlso and PTSD UK’s joint effort materialised into an exclusive range featuring a captivating “PTSD Awareness” dog bandana and dog lead. These carefully crafted accessories now grace the virtual shelves of the PTSD UK supporters store, offering a tangible symbol of support and solidarity.

More Than Accessories: A Symbol of Comfort and Awareness

For those who battle the often invisible symptoms of PTSD and C-PTSD, dogs and pets often emerge as sources of unparalleled comfort. These loyal companions provide a unique form of solace, acting as steadfast companions on the road to healing. The “PTSD Awareness” bandana and lead, each infused with the chosen design, strive to encapsulate this bond – serving as a metaphorical “comfort blanket” that both pets and their owners can embrace.

But these accessories are more than just fashionable adornments; they carry a profound message of awareness. By donning these symbols, dog owners become advocates for mental health discussions and conversations surrounding PTSD and C-PTSD. It’s a powerful way to spark dialogue, provide important messages to passers-by such as ‘please approach slowly’ and ‘don’t startle us’, reduce stigma, and let those affected know they are not alone.

Embrace Compassion, Ignite Change

By purchasing these accessories, you not only support a worthy cause but also extend a paw of comfort to those who need it most.

Step into a world where compassion and canine companionship converge – where each accessory purchased becomes a conduit of change. Let your pet’s presence symbolise not just love, but also empathy and the promise of brighter days ahead for people affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We’d like to wish an INCREDIBLE thanks again to the team at Love Harlso for collaborating with us on this collection, and if it proves useful, and successful, we hope to release more designs and items in the future.

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