I’ve been fundraising for PTSD UK

Thank you so much for your support – we’d love to hear more about the fundraising you’ve done! Every penny you’ve raised helps us fulfill Our Mission to help everyone in the UK affected by PTSD, no matter the trauma that caused it.

To send us any money that you’ve raised though fundraising or collection, we’ve a variety of ways to get the money to us..

To send money online

You can use the donation form here on our website. If you’ve been fundraising, please be sure to drop us an email to let us know what the fundraising was for and send us any sponsorship forms so we can claim Gift Aid from the donations you’ve collected.

To send money by post

You can send us a cheque through the post (please note, this is a mail only address).

Please just make your cheque payable to ‘PTSD UK’ and pop it in the post to this address:


101 Rose Street South Lane



Don’t forget to include a note to say what the money donated is for and any sponsorship forms if necessary.

Please don’t send any cash by post – we can’t accept this, and it’s not covered by Royal Mail Insurance if it goes missing.

Online sponsorship pages

If you have set up a Total Giving, Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving page then you don’t need to do anything once the page closes (unless they tell you otherwise!). They will send us the money that people have donated, and claim the Gift Aid donated on our behalf too.

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