How can my donations help?

PTSD is an incredibly misunderstood condition – and many people are not aware of it’s existence.

PTSD UK was set up with the aims of reaching people with PTSD who need support and information, along with finding those people who may not even know they have PTSD.

In order to do this, we need to reach everyone in the UK!

Any funds we raise go to achieving our charity mission and we’ll do this by:

Reaching out to high risk groups and communities

Finding those with PTSD isn’t necessarily as easy task. Funds will be used to create national advertising campaigns concerning the symptoms and causes of PTSD to speak to those at risk. Collateral will also be created for those areas where they are most likely to be needed e.g in a witness room of a court, part of a maternity pack, hospitals, GP surgeries etc.

Supporting sufferers to lead to successful treatment through knowledge and correct tools

We need to ensure we have the correct information available to those who need it – this will involve a variety of communication tools such as brochures, leaflets, phone lines, support staff plus experienced psychotherapist who can offer invaluable advice regarding treatment.

Respect, trust and honesty must be given to everyone

We need to ensure that every member of PTSD UK staff is trained to the highest standard to give the best advice and support to those who so desperately need it.

Collaboration with other organisations, agencies and experts where needed

Creating the best support options for PTSD sufferers requires the best teams – and unfortunately they may not be free.

Influence public policy and raise awareness of PTSD, and the help available

Research and studies need to be undertaken so that public policy, NHS guidelines, GP practice etc can be educated and updated to provide the best support possible. These of course require funding to be undertaken.

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