Raising awareness of PTSD UK

Raising awareness of PTSD UK

Firstly, thank you so much for your support in wanting to raise awareness of PTSD UK! Honestly, we’re over the moon to have you on board – and having supporters who are willing to help with Our Mission by raising awareness of our charity is a huge boost to those with PTSD, and to us too!

We’re humbled that you’d like to help raise awareness of PTSD UK, and we’re here to help make that as easy as possible for you!

Online Supporters Shop

Not only will every purchase from the PTSD UK online supporters shop help raise money for the charity, but the products you buy will raise awareness as you use them! From pens and plectrums, to badges and tshirts – there’s sure to be something that suits your tastes that you can show off, and start conversations with pride.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are a great way of us reaching out to people who may need our services. Many of them may not even know they need the information we provide – so it’s vital we can reach as many people in the UK as possible. Raising awareness of PTSD UK on social media can be as simple as sharing our pages, or the content we produce – or maybe you want to go one step further and write your own post about why you feel it’s important people know about us, the work we do and the information we provide.

Do you work with, or are involved in, a community at high risk of developing PTSD?

Perhaps it’s a rape crisis centre, Wellbeing or Medical department for the Emergency Services or Armed Forces, a Midwife or Health Visitor, a refugee crisis centre, Victim Support or Court Liason officer? Whatever your involvements, if you’d like to raise awareness of PTSD and PTSD UK amongst the group you’re involved with, please let us know and we can supply you with leaflets and information packs for distribution – or simply to have on hand if they’re needed.

Are you looking to fundraise for PTSD UK?

THANK YOU!!  We are a small charity so our main goals at the moment are to increase awareness that we exist (so people can get the support and information they need) and to maximise fundraising to allow us to achieve our mission of supporting everyone in the UK affected by PTSD, no matter the trauma that caused it.