How can my donations help?

How can my donations help?

Your donations can help to provide hope to everyone affected by PTSD and C-PTSD – Thank you.

PTSD is an incredibly misunderstood condition – and many people are not aware of it’s existence.

PTSD UK was set up with the aims of reaching people with PTSD who need support and information, along with finding those people who may not even know they have PTSD. In order to do this, we need to reach everyone in the UK!

PTSD UK is currently the only charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder – no matter the trauma that caused it.

Our charity aims to raise awareness of PTSD in three main areas – it’s causes, symptoms and the treatments available. These 3 areas are of vital importance to those suffering with the condition.

Your donations, big or small, let us do work that is truly life-changing for people affected by PTSD. Thank you. Our ability to fulfil our mission, and expand our reach to find those who need us, depends on the generosity of people like you.

£ 5 one off donation
  • helps us provide understanding, compassion and guidance for people when they need us the most
£ 10 one off donation
  • allows us to develop straightforward, supportive and reliable information and resources to help people with PTSD work towards recovery
£ 20 one off donation
  • allows us to send vital support materials to people who feel overwhelmed with a new PTSD diagnosis, or who are at a crisis point
£ 50 one off donation
  • helps us do research that can answer vital questions about PTSD and how people affected can be supported, and ultimately treated
£ 75 one off donation
  • allows us to reach out to high-risk communities to ensure that people know more about PTSD, what symptoms to look out for, and what support is available
£ 100 one off donation
  • allows us to campaign for better mental health services from the Government, to ensure that people with PTSD get the support they need, as soon as they need it
£ 500 one off donation
  • allows us to develop training packs for employers, schools and health professionals to help them understand what PTSD is, how it can manifest and to help reduce the stigma associated

PTSD UK currently spends it’s expenditure on delivering our services which includes (but not limited to) the following activities:

  • answering emails and messages from people who need our support and information
  • developing science-based, but easily understandable resources, tools and research about PTSD
  • reaching out to high-risk communities in the UK to ensure that people know more about PTSD, what symptoms to look out for, and what support is available.
  • working with, and establishing links with high-risk communities across the UK such as the Emergency Services, Rape Crisis Centres, Victim Support services along with other charities which support people who are at risk of PTSD such as parents of children with disabilities
  • campaigning for better awareness of the causes, symptoms and treatments for PTSD
  • working with, and campaigning to, the Government, organisations, policies and guidelines relating to the care and awareness of those with PTSD, ensuring that we’re all driving towards the same goal – a world where PTSD is recognised, and effectively treated as quickly as possible
  • creating support materials and products to send to people when they need it
  • working with the media (reviewing and informing scripts etc) to ensure accurate, non-stereotypical and informed portrayal of PTSD in films, radio and television, along with offering interviews, case studies and information for articles, publications and other media platforms to help raise awareness
  • raising awareness of PTSD amongst the general public in the UK – to help increase empathy and understanding about the condition, and reduce stigma

Our other expenditures are spent on keeping the charity running sustainably, and to fundraise even further to ensure we can continue to support the hundreds of thousands of people affected by PTSD who need us each year.

We keep our administration costs to a minimum (without jeopardising the quality of our work) and PTSD UK has only one member of staff. Our Chief Executive Office (CEO) works part-time and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the charity, and for implementing all policies, legal and charitable obligations, and working towards the objectives agreed by the PTSD UK Board of Trustees.

To make our limited resources work hard for us, all other work is undertaken by a small number of freelance workers or companies (such as copywriters, artworkers, event management companies etc) or our amazing volunteers who generously give their time and expertise for free.

Are you looking to fundraise for PTSD UK?

THANK YOU!!  We are a small charity so our main goals at the moment are to increase awareness that we exist (so people can get the support and information they need) and to maximise fundraising to allow us to achieve our mission of supporting everyone in the UK affected by PTSD, no matter the trauma that caused it.