The link between COVID-19 and PTSD

The term ‘unprecedented times’ almost doesn’t cover it: a healthcare crisis on a global scale – and it’s still ongoing. Nobody can say with any certainty how many people will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, or in what ways. […]

Crowdfunding for our Outreach Project

We’re excited to announce we’ve been selected for the Aviva Community Fund, and so we’ve just launched our first crowdfunding page to undertake some vital outreach work to reach the most vulnerable and at-risk communities. It’s estimated that 70% of […]

Run the 2020 Great North Run to support PTSD UK

We’re absolutely delighted to be able to announce that we’ve been granted a limited number of charity places in this years 2020 Great North Run! These charity entries mean that we’re able to offer our supporters the amazing experience of […]

The Link Between Skin Conditions and PTSD

If you have recently experienced a highly stressful or traumatic event, you may have noticed that your skin has flared up badly. It could be very dry, scarring more easily or you could find yourself with acne or rosacea. This […]

The Link Between Chronic Pain and PTSD

There are many people living with chronic pain throughout the UK and the impact on their life can be profound. From being unable to work anymore to finding everyday tasks too challenging, struggling with the difficulty of the condition to […]

PTSD UK 2019 Calendar Photography Competition is Open!

PTSD UK has launched a competition to find 12 stunning images for our 2019 calendar – and we need YOUR photos please! The 2019 calendar theme is our motto, ‘Tomorrow CAN be a new day’, so we’re looking for your […]

How Acupuncture has helped some PTSD Sufferers

Alongside prescribed medicine and treatments, there are also a lot of natural methods available for relieving PTSD symptoms. One of these is acupuncture, which various research studies have shown to be effective for treating post-traumatic stress disorder. What is Acupuncture? […]

How martial arts is helping PTSD sufferers

For many people with PTSD one of the most important things is finding ways to alleviate their symptoms whilst they heal and recover. We’ve reported several are physical activities that may ease your symptoms and improve wellbeing such as horse therapy, […]

‘Searching’ for new ways to support PTSD UK!

Do you want to raise money for PTSD UK everyday for free?! We’ll you can, easily! Everyclick donates £0.01p to PTSD UK for every 10 searches done on their site – so instead of using Google for your everyday internet […]

PTSD may have put the hearts of Ground Zero workers at risk

Recent research has shown that the civilians involved in the clean up of ‘Ground Zero’ following the World Trade Centre attacks, had a two-fold prevalence of PTSD than that of the general population, and subsequently an increased risk of heart […]

How art therapy has helped those with PTSD

The experience of going to counselling is often described as walking into a room with a bag of jumbled up colouring pencils. Each pencil you take out is a point of conversation with a trained practitioner. After dealing with it, […]