Fundraise for PTSD UK

If you’d like to help fundraise for PTSD UK – THANK YOU!!

We’re hoping our first organised event will be a Firewalk in 2018 – please sign up to our emails (in the footer of every page) and we’ll let you know when there is more information.

You can see how your fundraising can help us here.

If you’d like to help us raise money, but not sure what to do, here’s a few ideas:

Get Sponsored

Do you need a specific challenge to keep you motivated? If you’re planning to do a walk, cycle, swim, or run, you could ask friends and family to sponsor you for PTSD UK. We can provide sponsorship sheets and even shirts for you to run in to promote PTSD UK even further!

Ready to go?  Download your Sponsorship Form

Dress Down, or Dress Up!

You could suggest a dress down or dress up day at your school or workplace, and charge a donation from everyone for the privilege. Please send us pictures if you do!

If you need anything to get your fundraising going, please contact us.

Thank you so much for helping us support everyone with PTSD!


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