I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to run the Great North Run – but I’ve never been successful in a ballot place, yet. But one of our incredible supporters, Stacey, nominated PTSD UK to be the chosen […]

Virtual Runner UK | Half Marathon Challenge

Mental health is something Her Majesty the Queen is very aware of; she has spoken previously about the psychological repercussions of suicide attacks and how they may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In particular, in the days following the […]

Why we need to discuss mental health on the anniversary ...

Created in 2001 by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event aiming to educate the public and raise awareness of mental health issues, helping to promote better mental health. This year, the event runs from […]

PTSD UK and Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

How do you tend to answer when someone says, “What can I do to help?” or ‘is there anything I can do?” For most PTSD sufferers, the answer is often, “Oh nothing, I’m ok” or “ I don’t know what […]

When a loved one offers to help you

Katherine Meehan, 37, from Kent has published a book about her self-healing journey in the hope it will help others to find their own profound wellbeing and happiness. In ‘Brushing My Teeth with Baby Lotion’, published last month, she shares […]

How ‘TRE’ helped this PTSD sufferer

We’re super excited to announce that PTSD UK is now part of AmazonSmile’s charity list. This means your normal online purchases can help people affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – with no extra cost to you – every time you […]

You can now donate to PTSD UK through AmazonSmile

One of the main aims of PTSD UK is to raise awareness of PTSD: it’s causes, symptoms and the treatments available. Where we can, we work with publications for them to be able to share this information with their readers […]

Living Nightmare | Bella Magazine feature

For those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder – or PTSD – one of the most important things is finding ways to heal and recover. While waiting for treatment for PTSD, there are physical activites you can explore that may help […]

How surfing and ‘ocean therapy’ has helped PTSD sufferers

It’s now been 2 and a half years since I got back to the ‘old me’ following EMDR treatment for my PTSD. My daily suffering with PTSD was easily the worst time of my life – I honestly had no […]

What I learnt from having PTSD

In recent years, holistic health and wellbeing have grown in importance and widespread popular appeal. A growing number of people now spend their evening cold-pressing green juices, limbering up for Pilates, dipping veggies in hummus, or skin-brushing in the bath. […]

How Kundalini Yoga can ease some PTSD symptoms

Almond Flour Coconut Oil Keto Brownies
If you’re on a waiting list for post traumatic stress disorder treatment, it can feel like an interminably long time. However, there are things you can explore while you’re waiting that may help to improve your symptoms naturally in the […]

How a ketogenic diet could reduce the impact PTSD has ...